The Exhibition

You Are Here: Archiving Providence in the Present runs from December 8, 2011, to February 17, 2012, in the Carriage House Gallery at the John Nicolas Brown Center for Public Humanities, Brown University, 357 Benefit Street, Providence, RI, 401-863-1177. Join us for a free opening reception on December 7, 2011, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

In the gallery you can make your own contributions to the archive and investigate:

A Card Catalog of Providence Longing: On a daily basis, the people of Providence put out messages of longing and loss to the city. When viewed collectively, they become a form of vernacular urban poetry.

City Soundmarks: The aural equivalent of a landmark, a soundmark tells us we are in the right place. We worked with a group of Providence high school students to record their soundmarks; do you recognize them?

Register of Neighborhood Details: This photographic project preserves the small, everyday details of neighborhood streets, the things we walk past every day but seldom notice.

Mapping Community/Community Maps: Through these hand-drawn maps, residents share their individual places of meaning, revealing how they navigate the city in their mind’s eye.


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