Providence Memories

On our collections form we ask: “Do you have any stories/memories/experiences of the city that you would like to add to the archive?” Here are some of the answers we’ve received:

  • Climbing down below the Eddy Street bridge
  • Ghost tour of the East Side on Halloween
  • Driving up Hope St. just to get Three Sisters Ice Cream
  • Before they re-routed 95, watching a possum successfully cross the off-ramp onto North Main at 4 AM
  • Mix Tape for the City on
  • I love that I live a few streets away from the house my great-grandmother lived in
  • The GSB, only on a weeknight
  • My car antenna got stolen the first week of classes
  • Learning not to be afraid to parallel park
  • Went to Lupo’s once. Saw Jack White.

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