Pedestrian Scale

On our collections form we ask: “What are the details that you notice on your everyday walk to work/school/around your neighborhood?” Here are some of the answers we’ve received:

  • uneven pavement
  • sirens
  • fallen leaves and overgrown trees
  • the occasional flattened squirrel
  • the way the tree roots warp the sidewalk
  • a multitude of confusing one way streets
  • terrible driving
  • so many quirky home furnishing stores in Wayland
  • color
  • contrast—blocks vary so much in their state of sketchiness
  • lawn ornaments
  • tiny roads, weird trees
  • how Thayer Street has rapids running down it when it rains
  • Squirrel Alley
  • open gates
  • the smell of food
  • funny notes on stop signs
  • there is a new nail salon across the street from the old nail salon, with a Christmas tree in the window
  • a propensity of red bricks
  • my neighbor’s license plate
  • lamp posts
  • colorful houses; inconsistent sidewalks

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